Empower dentist to get global recognition of master in implantology


 Achieving highest levels of success through use of knowledge & skills along the lines of excellence.

Energy and synergy through team building.

Implementing advance techniques and technology.

Dental Clinic

We perform all the treatments considering the highest levels of aesthetics and function
We use advance technologies for the benefit of the patient.
We attend conferences regularly to update our knowledge.
We contribute to dental fraternity by sharing our knowledge actively through giving lectures      and conducting courses: (
We give customized oral hygiene maintenance programmes for prevention.
We make dental treatment a positive experience

Sincerity - For achieving our goals

Dedication - For excellence in dentistry

Aspiration - For knowledge to remain always updated

Dental Clinic

QUALITY - Maintained by high standards of self satisfaction.

HONESTY - Reflection in our attitude 

DEDICATION - Our aspiration to update knowledge

SINCERITY - Results in the long term the best outcome of the treatment.


         IMPLANT 4 U is a study group formed by Dr. Kedar Bakshi for dentists ( Since 2009 ). Any dentist who is interested in sharing his knowledge can join this group . Study group meetings are held at several places like Vasai, Thane, Kandivali [mumbai]  etc. for the convenience of the participants.

This group is divided into four levels.  After ACTIVE PARTICIPATION members can become moderator.


IMPLANT4U has a very advanced dental clinic and training centre in Mahavir Nagar , Kandivali.

Purpose of this clinic is to give THE BEST AND THE LATEST to patients in the field of Implantology, Dental Occlusion , Full mouth rehabilitation. Also it is conveniently located in Mahavir Nagar Kandivali,west,

 Patients from all the corners of Mumbai and outside are visiting to take treatment .Especially implant patients and those who have complex problems due to advance bone loss or severely worn dentition.

Dentist  in MUMBAI and Outside are attending  ' IMPLANT4U ' Curriculum which is spread over one year.

IMPLANT4U  centre has Advanced facilities like dental Microscope, Intra oral  welding for advaced prosthetic options in implantology, Multi type Implant systems , ridge splitting and sinus graftings for severely resorbed  .bone etc. These facilities are benefiting patients as well as dentist seeking advanced training.

Dentist outside Maharashtra are also participating in curriculum... they attend lectures online(live Lectures )and through recordings.. and during scheduled time in IMPLANT4U KANDIVALI CENTRE 

Dr. Kedar Bakshi is the first Indian Author to have Video book in dental occlusion.( secrets of Dental Occlusion). His knowledge and mastery in occlusion is benefiting patients to get precision in occlusion which results in long lasting restorations , high comfort , REDUCED STRESSES IN LIFE. (correcting occlusion with myofunctional considerations reduces stresses in life , headache , migraine, neck pain , back pain, etc.

Participants in 'IMPLANT4U' CURRICULUM are restoring prostheses with the accuracy of pin point in occlusion in their patients 


 About Dr. Kedar Bakshi


1.  He has graduated from prestigious Govt. Dental College, Mumbai in 1995.

2.  Attended International Seminar for Oral Implantology in 1999.   

3.  He did first implant surgery in March 2001.  This was first in Kandivali to Virar

4.  Pioneer in Implant dentistry in the area from Kandivali to Virar.

5.  The best scientific   presentation award at National Conference of ISOI at GOA in 2004.  
6.  Indian Society of Oral Implantology accredited title of fellow in year 2005.         
7.  First fellow in Kandivali to virar and the youngest fellow in India.

8.  IDA Mumbai confronted c-dos (certificate of dental office standardization) certificate to the clinic (Sai Smile Dental Care Clinic of Dr. Kedar Bakshi ) 

9.   Accredited curriculum Implantology for MSc. in Implantology by DGI Germany and Steinbeis University Germany in the year 2009. This accreditation   is recognized by European Union.

10.  ICOI, USA accredited   title of fellow.

11.  ICOI, USA accredited highest title of diplomate to become 19th diplomate of India and the youngest diplomate in India.

12.  He has contributed to aesthetic dentistry, implant dentistry by delivering many scientific presentations, lectures, table demonstrations at state and national level. He has been guest speaker or keynote speaker at state and national levels at several occasions.

13.  Live implant surgery at IDA MWSB (2007) created history in IDA. It was first live implant surgery free for members.               
14.  He has been nominated in Famdent Excellence In Dentistry Awards 2013 at NATIONAL level in following categories:

1. Famdent Outstanding Dentist Of The Year at NATIONAL level

2. Best Speciality Practice in Implantoology at NATIONAL level

11. He has bee awarded 1st Runner Up award in Highly Commended in the category of Outstanding Dentist Of The Year



Shop no. 14,15 , Raj Garden,opp.

 Panchasheel Garden,Mahavir Nagar, 

Kandivali (west), Mumbai , 400067

TEL : - 81-44-666-000



TIMINGS :-  10 am to 1.00 pm

                     6.00 pm to 9.00 pm